Floor Refinishing Vacuums - XtractMAX HF-640

Dust-free floor refinishing, sanding, polishing, grinding and more
with a 4000-hour motor, 5-year filter life and 99.9% efficiency.



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Hi-Flo Vacuums
Brushless Motors

These dependable, low-maintenance electric vacuums are engineered for fast effective capture of fine dusts generated in floor refinishing operations, concrete polishing, grinding and more.

Designed and built for the  pro-fessional flooring contractor, these powerful high-flow vacuums feature twin hi-flo brushless motors, rated for over 4000 hours use. That's five times the rating of a standard carbon-brush shop vacuum! And these floor refinishing vacuums offer triple the vacuum power with an incredible 640 cfm airflow.

floor refinishing vacuumsXtractMAX
High-Flow 640 Features

The dual filter system ensures dust-free floor finishing and polishing with 69.2 square feet of filter surface in the primary 5-YEAR Tetratek bag-style filter 99.9% efficient at capturing dusts as small as .5 microns.

Secondary cartridge filters, further protect the motor, trapping particulate down to 1 micron. This cartridge filter can be quickly upgraded to a HEPA filter for absolute efficiency. This vacuum offers 3 to 5 times the filter surface area of any other floor refinishing vacuum on the market today!

Huge 35-gallon drum means continuous all-day operation.


Day in and day out
the High-Flow 640 features
twin brushless 4000-hour motor
and a primary Tetratek filter
guaranteed for 5-YEARS!


A unique cooling system enables long hard use without overheating. An external filter shaker enables quick and easy reconditioning, and the 35-gallon drum allows for continuous all-day operation.


Oversized non-scuff wheels and
rugged all-welded steel frame
make maneuvering this
floor finishing vacuum a snap!

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XtractMAX HF-640 Features


Exclusive 640 cfm twin hi-flo brushless motors rated for over 4000 hours use


69.2 square feet of "never-blind" primary filter media 99.9% efficient to .5 microns


Exclusive 5-year filter warranty!


Two-stage filter system protects motor from dust infiltration for longer life


External filter shaker for instant filter rejuvenation


35-gallon tank capacity for continuous operation all day long


Vacuum equalizer line allows garbage bag drum liner


Unique cooling system prevents overheating


Twin 3" O.D. Inlets with true high-side entry protects filters


70" WG maximum vacuum allows for two I.D. vacuum hoses, up to 100' long each


Quiet operation - Less than 80 dBa


Heavy duty all-welded steel-frame & rugged powdercoat finish for all-weather durability


Soft 12" non-scuffing wheels


 220/1/60 voltage with 120/1/60 option


Options:   HEPA Final Filter    Pre-Separator    Magnahelic Gauge

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The Vacuum Experts

At XtractMAX, all we do is vacuums! With more than 25 years designing and manufacturing vacuum systems, we have the know-how and the proven track record to engineer and build vacuums that not only get the job done quickly and effectively, but also stand up to the most demanding conditions, day in and day out.

Hardwood Floor Sanding HF-320See also our XtractMAX HF-320 for portable dust-free hardwood floor sanding and concrete polishing


vacuum hose and tools


Vacuum Hose and ToolsHose & Tools for Every Application

We offer everything to need to outfit your floor finishing vacuum to get the job done from crushproof plastic hose to wire supported and static conductive hose, as well as tools for any application. Floor brushes in nylon and soft horsehair, brushless bare floor tools and squeegees for spic-and-span cleanup of hardwood floors, polished marble, concrete and more. And a huge assortment of crevice tools, dusting brushes, overhead tools, wands and extensions name your task, we have the ideal tool for you at the right price!




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