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A Tool for Every Job

We offer everything to need to outfit your floor finishing vacuum to get the job done from crushproof plastic hose to wire supported and static conductive hose and tools for any application. Floor brushes in nylon and soft horsehair, brushless bare floor tools and squeegees for spic-and-span cleanup of hardwood floors, polished marble, concrete and more. And a huge assortment of crevice tools, dusting brushes, overhead tools, wands and extensions name your task, we have the tool for you!

Vacuum Hose                      Accessories

Vacuum Tools

vacuum floor brushes

Floor Brushes for a wide variety of applications, in high-impact ABS plastic and die cast aluminum. Nylon, horsehair (for highly finished wood floors) and tampico (for scrubbing) bristles in sweep widths ranging from 14" to 20"

brushless bare floor vacuum tools

Brushless Bare Floor Tools with scalloped and smooth felt-blades for hardwood, marble and other polished floors, fibre-bladed tools for rough and abraded surfaces and the Gulper for vacuuming large objects.


Squeegee Tools in sweep widths from 13" to 20". These high-impact ABS plastic or die cast aluminum squeegee tools are available with rubber/plastic or neoprene blades. Also double squeegees and wheeled squeegee/brush combos.

dusting brushes

Dusting Brushes Polypropylene and die cast aluminum brushes in 1",  and 1" with 3" or 4" spans and  polypropylene, nylon and horsehair bristles. Friction fit with hose or extension.


Carpet Tools in 14", 15" and 16" sweep widths. Made of impact-resistant ABS plastic or cast aluminum,  with vinyl or PVC bumpers for furniture protection.


Crevice Tools in high-impact polystyrene or chrome=plated carbon steel for efficient dust removal in tight spots. Friction fit with 1" hose or cuff.


Vacuum Hose

crushproof plastic vacuum hose

Crushproof Plastic Vacuum Hose is available in light, medium and heavy duty.The spiral wound polyethylene plastic provides good resistance to most chemical and petroleum products with an average working temperature range of -65F to
+140F and an average bend radius of 2".

neoprene rubber

Neoprene Rubber Vacuum Hose is recommended for heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaning applications. Constructed with a wound steel helical support wire over a smooth interior rubber tube and then wrapped with oil-resistant rubber coated fabric.

static conductive

Static Conductive Hose and Cuffs are constructed with carbon black, which provides a permanent static conductive surface resistivity. Offering durability, flexibility and good chemical resistance. Also lightweight and crushproof.

wire supported hose

Wire Supported Hose is constructed with a plastic covered, helically wound support wire. allowing for use in higher negative pressure (Hg) applications without collapsing, while providing excellent flexibility characteristics.

pvc vacuum hose PVC Vacuum Hose has a completely smooth interior and is made by co extruding a flexible PVC cover and a rigid PVC helical support. Provides excellent negative and fair positive working pressures. The heavier wall products also provide good abrasion resistance and has a working temperature range of -4F to +150F.



Wands - offering one-piece, 2-piece and three-piece in ABS plastic, aluminum and chrome steel. 1" and 2" with button locks and configurations for a wide variety of vacuum applications.


Extensions - single-bend and straight extensions from 36" to 60" in ABS plastic, aluminum and chrome steel. 1" and 2" with button locks and configurations for a wide variety of vacuum applications.

cuffs and connectors

Cuffs and Connectors from " to 3" in swivel and non-swivel types for crushable plastic, wire-supported and static conductive vacuum hose.


Convenience Kits include economical packages of vacuum hose, wand and a variety of commonly used tools.


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