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Floor Finishing Vacuums for Dustless Sanding

XtractMAX Floor Finishing Vacuums

Finally! Dustless  floor refinishing with vacuums built specifically to effectively capture 99.9% of the toxic dusts dispersed when sanding, grinding & polishing all types of floors hardwood, concrete, marble & more . . .

Engineered for the
Hardwood Floor Refinisher!


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Floor Finishing Vacuums Floor Refinishing Vacuums Dustless Hardwood Floor Sanding Vacuums dustless floor re-finishing vacuums floor finishing - concrete polishing and grinding
XMP-2026G XPM-240G XMP-150G HF-640 HF-320 XM-EC-300
dustless hardwood floor sanding dust free floor refinishing vavuums
XM-EP-300 XM-Compact XM-Mini XM-Mini XM-Mini XM-BP
Pre-Separators     HF-640 XMP-2026G XM-BP

Only XtractMAX
Floor Finishing Vacuums are
Certified Dustless


The Vacuum Experts Dust is Our Business

With more than 25 years engineering commercial and industrial dust collection and vacuum systems, Industrial Air Solutions is the industry expert in the science and technology of effective dust capture, and XtractMAX vacuums are like no other floor sanding vacuum on the market today more power, more suction, more efficient filtration no other vacuum even comes close.

At Industrial Air Solutions,  we have the know-how and the proven track record to engineer and build vacuums that not only get the job done quickly and effectively, but also stand up to the most demanding conditions, day in and day out.



National Wood Flooring Association
Member National Wood
Flooring Association





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Title: Floor Finishing Vacuums for Dustless Sanding & Refinishing of Wood, Concrete . . .